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26th-Aug-2011 04:16 pm - 774★ F-cut!
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Okay so I just did another friends cut. Most of them removed are really inactive ones that are gone for months and months. And some is.. I feel like I don't remember who you are LOL. I don't mean anything offensive, just trying to clean up a little. If you are removed and decided to come back and be active, and if you want to become friends again just let me know ♥ I appreciate it! :D Might do another one of these again soon, if I'm in the devil mode. *ngehehehehe* Ah and of course if you wanna do a reverse f-cut, don't hold back. I'm not doing a good job in commenting either and I'm always horrible for that. I won't hold a grudge, cause drama or make you an enemy(maybe a little sad but it's okay) LOL. This I promise ♥ *bows*
9th-Jun-2010 12:31 am - 443; 6910<3
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Crappy banner, orz. Rushing. ;_;
Still young and still loved by me <33
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